What is Rise of Immortals

“Nothing can stop us. Nothing can slow our march. And when we have arrived, all will burn.”- Underlord

Rise of Immortals

AAA hero-based strategy game powerd by NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain (Layer 2 Immutable X).
Rise of Immortals is an online massive multiplayer blockchain-integrated strategy game where players use their village and army units to grow stronger and conquer other players to earn cryptocurrency.
Players need to purchase lands, heroes, items, and statues or team up with other village owners to buy and build even more villages.
Players earn thru various in-game activities such as completing challenges, winning a village attack, successful village defense, removing obstacles, wagered matches, collaborating villages with clan mates or in-game friends, staking, and most of all, achieving the highest rank on the leaderboards.

Our Core Values

Rise of Immortals is our key inspiration when building our work environment. We ensured maximum synergy between creativity and efficiency for the game's creation which keeps our players to be constantly engaged with the new in-game activities and mechanics. We know exactly what we need to do in order to be the best in this field.
We utilized social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and Telegram to accumulate more users and ideas. Using these distinctive methodologies, we are able to incorporate our ideas collectively for the preparation of our game's development and integration into a decentralized financial ecosystem.
Decentralized Financial Ecosystem.